Wearing eyeglasses may be easy, but they need to be maintained. Maintaining your eyeglasses is essential for many reasons. It ensures clear vision, comfort, and longevity while allowing you to get the most out of your glasses. In this blog, we’ll talk all about how to maintain your eyeglasses and the benefits of doing so.

Daily Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your glasses daily, as this prevents dirt and dust build-up on the frames and lenses. Here are some tips on how to properly clean your glasses:

  • Rinse your glasses with warm water before cleaning them. This helps remove dust particles that can scratch your lenses when wiping them. Even if you can’t see it immediately, invisible debris can wear down your lenses over time.
  • Nose pads are significant sources of grime buildup in glasses. Make sure to gently clean your nose pads to eliminate excess oils and grime buildup.
  • Eyeglass cleaning solutions are specifically designed for lenses so as not to damage or scratch the lenses. If the water rinse doesn’t get everything off, the cleaning solution will. These solutions are also great for cleaning glasses on the go.
  • Lens cloths are a must-have for cleaning your glasses. We recommend using only lens cloths to wipe your glasses, as other wipes, such as paper towels or fabrics, can scratch the lenses.

Caring for Your Frames

Lens maintenance often overlooks frame maintenance, but they require equal attention. Here are some tips for maintaining your frames:

  • Metal frames: Regularly check and tighten the frames if necessary. Avoid exposing them to salty water, which can erode the frames.
  • Plastic frames: Clean your plastic frames with warm water and a lotion-free soap. This will remove all dirt and grime from the plastic.
  • Wooden frames: After cleaning with warm water and soap, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to pat them dry.

Storing Your Glasses

Always store your glasses in a hard glasses case. This will protect your glasses from dust buildup overnight or until the next time you use them. Try to avoid storing them in a handbag or on the table, as that can lead to scratched lenses and bent or broken frames. Also, wearing your glasses on your head can distort the frames and loosen them over time.

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